Happy Cancerversary

November 22, 2015

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Live (verb): to be alive; to continue to be alive. Tomorrow I reach my third year “cancerversary;” or, the third year since I was diagnosed. I can never remember if you’re supposed to acknowledge the day you......Read More

Story 4

November 20, 2013

November 2013 Week 6, Radiation Therapy Hi everyone… Report from your favorite crispy cancer patient. Week 6 has started and I am definitely getting charred; today Dr. Halberg gave me a day off before the next 2 to 3......Read More

Story 3

October 28, 2013

Hello! Radiation Grrl here, with a report from the nuclear science world. I am halfway through Week 3 of radiation and I’m simply…glowing. Literally. My chest looks like it’s been attacked by a pack of roving fire ants (it’s......Read More

Story 2

February 24, 2013

Hi everyone, I wrote this last week before my trip to LA to City of Hope; we leave again this Tuesday afternoon. Thinking white blood cell count thoughts. Lesley is with me and I’m so glad; it’s so......Read More

Story 1

December 4, 2012

Hi friends, I wrote an update for the other “Lotsa Helping Hands” website but I thought you–-my good friends–could handle another update, more personal and raw. Please forgive typos; I feel like my editing skills have taken a hit......Read More