Blogging about cancer is a tricky thing. Do you post personal stuff? Medical stuff? Research news? I wasn’t comfortable posting my cancer “road trip” on Facebook but I did send monthly updates to a small community of friends and family. Now that I look back it was basically a blog—unedited, unscripted, and as raw as I was feeling. I think it helped people know exactly what was going on in my head, since it’s usually much different than what people think you’re feeling. What I loved reading when I was sick was anything that made me say, “Yes, yes.” That was comforting.

I’ve decided to post a few of my “R-rated” (as in, raw-rated) updates so that any patients, survivors, spouses, family members, friends, cousins of survivors--anyone in the circle--might for a minute be struck by a paragraph and say, “Me, too.”

I’m calling them Stage IV Stories; they won’t be in This is Cancer. (To put them in context, I was diagnosed in late autumn 2012.)

I also started blogging about big (and small) moments that I thought were universal and might be helpful if you’re deep in: deep in treatment, deep in survivorship, deep in as a caregiver. I try to blog twice a month (unless something really amazing happens, and I’ll write sooner, or I can’t find a babysitter and will post less often).

Lyft and American Cancer Society Giving Free Rides to Cancer Patients

September 12, 2018

Lyft is offering free rides to cancer patients in major US cities as part of their ongoing relationship with the American Cancer Society (ACS).

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Upside Down & Inside Out

May 11, 2017

Spring arrived this year in fits and starts. Just when I’m ready to slap on the sunscreen and put away my winter sweaters, the rain comes back. This uncertainty, this instability, has been getting to me. And last week......Read More

New Beginnings

January 20, 2017

As I watched the inauguration this morning I found myself looking back, to where I was four years ago. And I realized that on this day in 2013 I was about to start another round of chemo when I......Read More

G is for Gratitude

September 16, 2016

Fall is in the air, and as much as I love the changing seasons it is still not easy to head into autumn and come up on the anniversary of my diagnosis. I “stay positive” about 90 percent of......Read More

Dark clouds, sunny skies

September 9, 2016

Felt like a cartoon character today, with a dark cloud floating above my head. I tried to shake it off but it kept following me. My mom used to call me “LBC” (short for little black cloud) as a......Read More

Shades of Pink

June 24, 2016

Despite the ongoing debate about “pinkwashing”–the misuse of the breast cancer pink ribbon–I seem to be surrounded by it. On my flight from San Francisco to North Carolina, I chatted with a flight attendant and her sister is going......Read More

Morning Inspiration & Everyday Joy

May 23, 2016

Mornings are chaos around here – getting the kids fed, dressed, watered; lunches packed; breakfast made and eaten; homework folders found under the bed or in the backpacks. Then coffee, email, coffee, email, work… I would like to say......Read More

Ups and Downs (Mostly Ups)

April 24, 2016

I’ve been preparing for a speech for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at University of San Francisco (more on that in another post) and wondering how to condense my story, inspire, and be relevant all in 10......Read More