Scanxiety (or, feeling anxious about a follow-up scan)

News from Cancerland…yesterday was my PET/CT scan (abdominal/pelvis/chest), where they see if (rather, make sure) no sneaky cancer cells have decided to colonize in my body. (I send daily mental messages to them: you’re not wanted here.)

My scanxiety (scan + anxiety = scanxiety) was high; my bag was full of trinkets (pink ribbons, medals, beads, and other little items people have passed on to me during this road trip). I gripped them tightly.

Saw my favorite scan techs (felt that was a good sign) and closed my eyes and said various prayers and thanks and good vibes.

Heard back last night from my oncologist: scans were negative! (Which in medical-speak, is good news!) Immediately started doing the happy dance. Hugged the kids tighter than usual and am still smiling 14 hours later.

Next scan is in the summer…plenty of things to do before then.

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