Things I Love
(And you might like, too)

  • Hearing other people’s stories (funny, sad, inspiring, courageous, absurd, depressing).
  • Tig Notaro’s brilliant cancer comedy set. I listened to it over and over (and over) while I was in treatment and recovering. (Download the full set from Louis CK’s website. Yes, it’s worth the money.) Put earmuffs on the kids and tune in.
  • The smell of wet pavement after a rainstorm.
  • Comedian Julia Sweeney’s cancer story as told on “This American Life.” You will laugh, cry, and laugh some more.
  • Emily McDowell cards (and Tweets). Creative, honest, and hilarious. Everything you need from a card. Emily McDowell Studio
  • One perfect dress.
  • Holding hands.
  • The smell of gardenias.
  • Listening to my daughter tell a story to her friend.
  • Movies. Films. Whatever you call them, I like to watch them.
  • Tangy lemon bars.
  • I love exclamation points! But not too many!